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What is Lorem Ipsum Don't see the job you're looking for? Browse our available positions by facility, location or schedule. Join our team and help us build a ministry where we're all proud to belong.
Our Associates are the Heart of Our Ministry We know, now more than ever, nurses are seeking opportunities that best support their needs so they can work how they want and continue to grow their careers. Our benefits are designed to help our nurses grow, professionally and personally.

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"Med-Surg can be busy, but learning to navigate the patient load can help to build confidence and resiliency. Med-Surg is a wonderful place for nurses to build and develop their core nursing skills. It offers a diverse patient population which prepares you for working with patients with a wide range of needs."  Stacey R., RN, Critical Care Unit
"It's important to not overlook the opportunities in Med-Surg and Telemetry units, because that is where I learned to flourish, how to delegate tasks and work on timing."  Sarah M., RN, Daisy Award, Structural Empowerment Award & Regional SAGE Award winner
Med-Surg is "a great place to start your career and become a strong nurse equipped to take on any challenges nursing has to offer. I started as a new graduate and kept at it. When there were opportunities for growth, I did not hesitate." John S., RN, Clinical Care Leader, Oncology Unit
"Med-Surg is a very busy unit, but the rewards are tremendous. Be prepared to work hard and stay busy. The reward is seeing your patients thrive and go home ... because of your hard work." Kerry N., Bedside RN, Surgical Telemetry Unit