We Need Your Compassion Ever day, our nurses deliver acts of compassion to those in need without exception or exclusion. 

We believe that the healing power of humanity occurs when you bring talented and passionate people together. If you're a registered nurse or health care professional, we invite you to explore and pursue a career in compassion, human dignity and service.
Don't see the nursing job you're looking for? Browse our available positions by facility, location or schedule. Join us in building a ministry where we're all proud to belong.
Our Nurses are the Heart of Our Ministry We know, now more than ever, nurses are seeking opportunities that best support their needs - so they can work how they want and continue to grow their careers. Our benefits are designed to help our nurses grow, professionally and personally.
"This is a great place to start your career and become a strong nurse equipped to take any challenges nursing has to offer. I am so thankful for each and every one of my colleagues." John S., RN, Critical Care Leader, Oncology Unit
Currently enrolled in a BSN program, Ana is earning her degree debt-free with 100% tutition coverage from Bon Secours. "Not having to pay for [my] bachelor's on top of an associates [degree] was really big." Ana M., RN and Veteran, currently pursuing a BSN
"Bon Secours provides avenues for growth. I really enjoy opportunities to assist staff in their professional growth and development, which ultimately improves our patient outcomes." Ansley S., RN, Critical Care Leader