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Bring Service and Compassionate Care to Bon Secours Mercy Health  We understand the unique challenges that veterans and military spouses face in their transition to civilian life and we're committed to assisting them in finding meaningful employment opportunities.
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Mercy Health "is an organization where you can be your true, authentic self while living the organization's core values; Human Dignity, Integrity, Compassion, Stewardship and Service. I see these values demonstrated daily."

Mercy Health is a place that values its "employees and treats all people wth dignity and respect. This is an organization where 'you're called to service".
John., H Talent Acquisition Manager,
former Army Sergeant First Class
"I am glad to have had my military experience," says Deborah. "You learn what makes people, people. You see so many backgrounds." Just like in the military, at Mercy Health, "we serve all. I choose to serve those in greatest need." Deborah Bryant Chief Nursing Officer - Toledo,
former Army Reserves Major